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The part that corresponds to the present day situation with opiate and fentanyl addiction even when prescribed by a physician. It is an epidemic and our health care system operates in silos with different care regiments in conflict with another. Your health carrier dictates care not your provider. If you or your provider believes a particular medication would work best for you it doesn't matter if it won't be covered. Unless you have a very high hospital/urgent care and/or medication utilization rate; health insurance a waste of money. When was the last time a well person actually met their deductible???

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My insurance called about 30 minutes later saying it was denied but scheduled be a different provider for pretty much the same time. The cost of the one they did was like $23 and the insurance covered most of it. Results were sent back electronically to my doc who then did stuff with it. Had they paid for what my doctor prescribed it would have been the same thing but much more expensive. So sometimes it’s ok for insurance to deny a procedure

Posted by Jack 17.01.

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